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Naftali Kalfa & SHYNE with Piamenta – BRIDGES

by yossi September 24, 2012

BRIDGES” is the third single from Naftali Kalfa’s new album “ The Naftali Kalfa project”. Featuring legendary rapper SHYNE, this video is a unique, innovative, 3D animated production directed by Eldad Eilat. Through the lyrics and video, this song illustrates and conveys a strong message of both the trials and faith of the Jewish nation that has persevered throughout the generations.

In the video, SHYNE walks through history, from the time of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, through numerous critical eras of Jewish history including the splitting of the sea, wandering the desert, the destruction of the Temple, and the holocaust.

Together, Naftali Kalfa and SHYNE have created a unique musical fusion of Hassidic, Rock and hip hop.
Yossi Piamenta rocks out on guitar, in a manner that only the man referred to as “The Hassidic Hendrix” is capable of.
This single is from Naftali Kalfa’s new album that features collaborations with Shlomo Katz, Gad Elbaz, SHYNE, and Yossi Piamenta.

BRIDGES-Naftali Kalfa and SHYNE with Yosi Piamenta.
Composed by Naftali Kalfa
Lyrics by Naftali Kalfa & Shyne
PR Shlomi Cohen –
Directed by Eldad Eilat
Animation: Gal Edri
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered – by Amit Golan at Supersonic Studios
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Guitar-Yosi Piamenta
Keyboard -Achiya Asher
Drums-Ofer Benita
Bass-Elad Cohen

This whole world, the whole wide world is just a narrow bridge,
This whole world, the whole wide world is just a narrow bridge.
The main stage we gotta face is in the world above,
The main stage we gotta face is in the world to come.
And the main thing is to have no fear,
And the main thing is to have no fear at all.

I am not afraid; I was made with a lion heart,
Feet planted on the floor, with my eye on God,
I was born, to overcome challenges,
I do the work, but God is the catalyst.

In every single generation, they try to wipe us out,
Standing up, attempting to, bring our end about.
And the sacred one above, protects us with his mighty love,
And the blessed one above saves us from their hands.

I am not afraid; I was made from another cloth,
Just say my prayers, keep my faith and my trust in God
We busting off, at the Taliban and Iran
Above the law, in that caravan panaram
We the raw, praises to the lord
Raise my glass to the ceiling and we ready for the war
Ready for the Ohr , cause Messiah about to come
Lion from the slums, lion and the cub
Roaring king of Judah, Shyne is the one
Kohelet is the Melech, and we high above the sun
Dovid is beloved, and I am just the son
Tell me who gonna stop me, I’ve just begun
I am so courageous I could face anything
God took me out of nothing and gave me everything
Shyne going hard, till the day they bury him
Son of Judah and God is the ruler.

I am not afraid, not afraid at all,
I am not afraid, not afraid at all.

I am not afraid; I was made from the temple ashes,
From the darkness come light, so where the matches,
Prepare for the world to come,
This the practice, never defeated, I was made from eternal fabric

I am not afraid; I am here to take it all or none,
The only thing I ever fear, is the God above,
King David, I am here to play the harp and drum,
On the battlefield, until Messiah come.

I am not afraid, not afraid at all,
I am not afraid, not afraid at all

“כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאוד והעיקר לא לפחד כלל”


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