New Astonishing Yiddish Musical Album “Fin Yetz” by Reb “Yoel Roth”!

The Long Awaited “Professional Musical Debut Album” by Reb Yoel Roth Shlita is heading into its final production stage and is Iy”h promised to hit enthusiastically the store shelves in the near few days. The New Debut Album has been named “בּאשעפער איך הייבּ אַן פין יעטסט “, Oh, my G-d, I’m starting from scratch”. Its mere designated nomenclature offers a dipper glimpse of what the Album and Reb Yoel has so graciously to offer!

“בּאשעפער איך הייבּ אַן פין יעטסט” enters the musically industry at its most ideal time, the High-Holidays, a time where the teaching of repentance, to forsake the past and head onto a newly fresh present and future, is universally unequivocally agreed upon and promoted.

But, Reb Nachman Z”L wanted the supra teaching, and the phrase of our NEW Debut Album, to be inscribed on ones heart throughout the entire year, where every microsecond of the year is “Your Golden Opportunity” to forsake the past and start from scratch, like a newly born baby.
Short Biography:
Reb Yoel, a great Torah scholar, is the closest and most vivid Talmud of the Tzadik Moharosh Shlita. Reb Yoel has been granted by Moharosh the merit to lead “Moharosh’s prominent TT Yeshiva” and Moharosh’s “Breslov Educational Institution in USA” that includes both, girls and boys, pre-nursery, nursery, elementary and high school, and last but not least the most attractive Heichel Hakodesh Bais Midresh in Williamsburg; it all conveys Moharosh’s holy symbol and signature. Reb Yoel Shlita, in addition of being designated as Moharosh’s lovely nominee to lead all of Moharosh’s educational Breslov centers in USA, dedicates a great amount of his time to the Yeshiva boys in Moharosh’s most acclaimed TT Yeshiva. Reb Yoel promotes Reb Nachman’s and Moharosh’s teaching to his disciplines at every moment in each given day. His noble work to inscribe a Torah life in one’s soul goes hand by hand alongside with his daily lectures where he promotes the beauty and vitality of one to build a strongly bounded faith in Hashem, that could be so easily obttained by utilizing Reb Nachman’s noble gift to converse with Hashem on a daily basis’s, where one should relate all his or her pain with Hashem. In addition, Reb Yoel Targets and Places the concrete foundations of building a healthy Shalom Baiyis, that requires labored effort to absorb, give, forgive, establish love with harmony and finding the thin boundary line that distinguished between being a great giver versus being a destructive individual who forsakes one’s own self-esteem, and one’s own self-respect. The two are so easily and falsely interrelated and easily confused, but in reality they’re the two other extremes, hence resulting in opposite consequences. Whereas, the former enhances love and harmony, the later demolishes love and harmony. Reb Yoel, recently, constructed a newly publishing facility with the latest modern machinery to accommodate the high demand, in order to extend a lovely hand to his brethren and to the humanity, as a whole. In the newly constructed publishing facility pamphlets’ and books of Reb Nachman, Reb Nosson, and of course the writing of Reb Nachman’s noble Talmud in nowadays, the Tzadik Moharosh Shlita, is being published daily, producing thousands of newly published books daily. Reb Yoel has been blessed with many golden talents: what pertains to our Debut NEW Album Reb Yoel’s charming voice is so unique, it’s a homogeneous mixture of jubilancy, harmony, and a skillful unique pitch, maintaining the balanced frequency and wavelength that touches the heart and soul of so many.

No wonder his NEW superior Debut Album, an excelsior master piece, has already been acclaimed by musical experts as an unequivocally “Smashing HIT”! Here again, Reb Yoel, with his unique warmth and inspiring voice, sings his Yiddish astonishing compositions that uplifts and penetrates the inner soul! This NEW album is professionally arranged with the latest technology and musical instruments, featuring the vocals of Reb Yoel’s Yeshiva Students’. Vocal and Music were recorded with superior crystal clear sound at Fountain Music Studio. Music arrangements have been done superlatively by “Nachmen Dryer”, “Mendy Harskowitz” and the “Freilach Orchestra”! It features a variety of musical styles, some more upbeat, some more heartfelt, but all written in Reb Yoel’s unique trademark style.
For more info follow the producers on twitter @yttproductions

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