Nachum Segal Hosts Ari Boiangiu and Shimon Craimer of the Neshoma Orchestra Live at JM in the AM

April 04, 2012 1 min read

As the Neshoma Orchestra keeps innovating Jewish music presentation and performance, Nachum Segal hosted Ari Boiangiu and Shimon Craimer live at JM in the AM to perform and discuss the new series of Neshoma Orchestra Youtube videos. Nachum played selections from both Ari’s and Shimon’s CDs and presented the audio of the performance video for Rau Banim (the Yonatan Razel composed and Yaakov Shwekey performed song from Yaakov Shwekey’s Libi Bamizrach CD) that Neshoma Orchestra recently released. They also discussed Ari’s new video guitar lessons that are being posted on Youtube as well. Click the HERE to listen or use the player below.

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