8th Day

8th Day Goes Down Under!

Imagine a fusion of diverse rock styles and tunes from your Zeide’s Shabbos table. The result is 8th Day, the hottest new band in Jewish music, who have performed to enthusiastic audiences across the United States and Canada.

8th Day was founded by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus, who bring their experiences of growing up in an observant Jewish home in a secular neighborhood to the stage with a unique sound, original lyrics and incredible energy. The brothers, who have been playing music and writing songs together for a decade, formed the band in 2005 with the release of Tracht Gut (Think Well), followed by Brooklyn and the most recent album Chasing Prophecy, which has sold extremely well since its release in January 2011. Their hit single ‘Ya’alili’, with its catchy lyrics demonstrating the cultural diversity between Sephardim and Ashkenazim, has won huge acclaim and attracted over 1 million YouTube hits.
Isser Feiglin, the driving force behind the KTC event, is excited about bringing the band to the Sydney Jewish community. “I’ve been listening to 8th Day for years, living in Miami when I enjoyed a bootleg of their first album. Their overseas success is phenomenal, they’re just starting to become well-known here through their hit ‘Ya’alili’ …it’s hard to describe their style, laid-back rock with a strong Hassidic flavour,” says Feiglin. “I jumped at the opportunity to bring them to Sydney. This will be one Jewish music event not to be missed.”
The Marcus brothers list some of their early influences as Megama, Moshe Yess, MBD and the renowned Avraham Fried, yet have developed their own fresh, contemporary style to deliver timeless Jewish messages from the Lubavitcher Rebbes and other sources, and to uplift, inspire and entertain their audiences.

The KTC Boys High School band ככה ככה– Kacha Kacha will perform a school favorite to open the concert. Isser Feiglin’s eponymous band will also perform several opening songs. “I think there are some classic Jewish songs both in Hebrew and English that would be perfect to kick off the night. The goal of this event is to really appeal to Jewish audiences universally. There will be something for everyone,” Feiglin enthuses.

The 8th Day concert will be a family friendly event open to all ages, men and women, boys and girls. Tickets are available on the KTC website www.kessertorah.nsw.edu.au or telephone 9301 1109.
Kesser Torah College is excited to be hosting 8th Day for their only Sydney performance on their Australian tour in March. Principal Noteh Glogauer sees it as a perfect fit. “They are really fantastic. They make traditional Jewish values accessible and relevant to today’s youth, which is consistent with the message we convey at KTC.”
[source: jwire.com.au]

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