Be’er Hagolah’s Evening of Entertainment with the Maccabeats and Comedian Elon Gold

Last motzei Shabbos Be’er Hagolah Institutes held their annual Evening of Entertainment starring comedian ELON GOLD and the MACCABEATS along with a lavish buffet dinner and gala Chinese Auction to benefit the students of Be’er Hagolah Institutes. Proceeds went toward the purchase of tefillin for students approaching Bar Mitzva! The evening was mced by Sam Ash. Here are some photos from the event courtesy of Yossi Bober from Studio R Us. For more information on Be’er Hagolah please visit See their photos of previous years’ lavish affairs on their Facebook page.

Be’er Hagolah Institutes, a non-profit organization, was established in 1979, in response to a growing concern over the educational and social adjustment of the children from the former Soviet Union. Today, the school’s focus is to educate Jewish children of any background or nationality. Despite the rising costs of tuitions due to the sharp rise in expenses and extreme cuts in funding, Be’er Hagolah accepts any Jewish child, even those whose families cannot afford the tuitions at private Yeshivos, and would therefore send their children to public schools

Be’er Hagolah Institutes maintains a Yeshiva with an enrollment of close to one thousand students. Along with a quality education, Be’er Hagolah ensures the physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional well-being of our students and their families, by assisting them both during and after school hours, to develop into exemplary, productive and successful Americans who will not lose sight of their rich cultural heritage.

Although the cost of educating a child at Be’er Hagolah is upwards of $10,000 a year which includes support services and extra-curricular activities, many of our students’ families can barely afford to put food on their tables, let alone pay tuition.
All parents are on scholarships with some paying nothing at all or as little as $250 to $500 a year.
We have never turned away a child due to his or her parents’ inability to pay tuition.
We therefore rely heavily on charitable contributions to continue the crucial work that we do. There are no other institutions serving this population in this capacity, and without us, our students would have nowhere to turn for the critical services we render.

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