Abie Rotenberg

Nachum Segal and Abie Rotenberg Celebrate the Long Awaited Release of Marvelous Midos Machine Vol. 4

After a 25 year hiatus, legendary composer and singer Abie Rotenberg has released the fourth CD in the Marvelous Midos Machine series, Marvelous Midos Machine Episode #4: Shnooky’s Bar Mitzvah. Nachum Segal hosted Abie on this morning’s JM in the AM to discuss the new CD and how this long awaited project came together. Some of the best loved characters in Jewish children’s music have been resurrected with the release of the fourth installment in the Marvelous Midos Machine album series. Created by the venerable Abie Rotenberg, whose poignant lyrics and classic compositions have inspired countless music lovers for decades, the Marvelous Midos Machine used a memorable cast of characters including Shnooky and Shlumpy Shapiro, Dr. Midos, Dizzy and of course the Marvelous Midos Machine itself, to educate children about good midos in an lighthearted but meaningful way. Nachum played some of the new songs and discussed some of their back-stories. Click HERE to listen or use the player below.

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