Yehudah Zeitoun’s heart come out in his fourth album “Halev Niftach”

Yehuda Zeitoun, a native of France is only 25 and already had three albums out. About seven years ago he released his debut album “HaKesser”. The album shot up to the top of the charts and became a favorite to all those who love eastern music. Two years ago he released “Mi Kamocha,” the album contains the best style of eastern music with a modern rhythmic twist. Hassidic songs original melodies and a song in French.

A few months ago Yehuda released “Behofa Chaya Mizrachis”, with a selection of strings to the delight of all chassan and kallah’s world wide. Now he returns with an all new single “Halev Niftach”, a hit rates Mediterranean summer of his fourth album in the making. The album will be a hybrid of Middle Eastern music and his followers.

Lyrics and arrangements: Sharon Avilhak. Musical Production: Elimelech Doron. Executive Producer HD productions.
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