Udi Davidi releases new album “Ben Ahuv”

June 02, 2011 1 min read

Ben Ahuv, is the title of Udi davidi’s new album, his fifth album to date. “Rochot Tovot” his last album was a great success with sales of in the gold record standards. The album included hit songs like; “Mani Koleich” and “Im Ein Ani Li”, which were constantly played on the radio made ​​the perfect crossover from the religious to the secular audience consensus.

To date, Davidi has sold more than 80, 000 copies or his albums and continues to appear before the masses of enthusiastic fans who were enchanted by his songs, vocal qualities and performance.

So far out Davidi released three singles from the album to radio stations & media; “Ben Ahuv“, “Kemo Tzipor” and the last “Kivon Acher” a duet with Shlomi Shabat. These three singles have been on repeat on every radio station in Israel and America and have won much success.

The new album includes 12 songs, written and composed by Udi Davidi with his wife Lila.
The musical arrangements and production were done by Avi Tal and Udi Davidi.

Click PLAY below to hear the song Lo Masspik Lehodot

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