Kumzits at Radio Kol Chai in memory of Rabbi Moshe Goldman z”l with Yossi Eisenthal & Yossi Gil on Motzash Musicali


Last Motzei Shabbos was a full year since the death of Rabbi Moshe Goldman z”l, and radio station “Kol Chai” had a special kumzits with the best melodies in memory of R’ Moshe Goldman. The program “Motzash Muzikali”, with Yossi Gil and Yossi Eisentahl featured many participating artists during the kumzits. A special surprise was a new song that R’ Moshe wrote some years ago.

The evening was accompanied Yoely Markowitz on the keyboard, Pinhas Bichler composer and arranger conducted the choir. One of the most respected and biggest arrangers in JM Moshe Laufer also joined them and discussed the nature of his work with R ‘Moshe z “l told the radiant personality.

As well following is a list singers and participants in the order they sat in a clockwise direction (I’m starting From The Guy at the keyboard) and by the seventh minute video that starts:

Keyoard - Yoeli Markowitz.
Srulik Klatzkin.
Yanki Ekstein.

Moshe Dov Huminar.
Moti Wiesel (Aharon Halevi).

Baruch Wiesel.

Shraga Gross (standing behind).
Jacob Rotblat (standing).

Pinchas Bichler (winning the votes - standing).
Srulik Glick.
Meier Rechnitzer.
Meier Berman (see it in the video is below on the side of Pinchas Bichler).
Srulik Hershtik.
Abraham tzvi Huminar.
Shalom Bichler.
Shmulik Huminar. (sitting with the back facing the camra).
Moshe Cohen (Is the pictured holding the discs).

Bick Productions.
chanoch Kaminer.


Photo credit Mandy Or  & David Kliger.

Click PLAY below to hear the new song ‘Yibaneh Hamikdash”

קומזיץ מוזיקלי לזכרו של ר’ משה גולדמן ברדיו קול חי from chasidinews on Vimeo.

























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