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[Exclusive] Nussach Ari

Project1_Layout 1.qxd There’s a new buzz going around in the world of live Jewish Music. And it’s all about the very rare circumstances surrounding the birth of the Nussach Ari Band. At no time in recent memory have we seen such excitement about the joining together of superstars. Built around Guitarist extraordinaire Ari Boiangiu, Keyboard and Sound phenom Calev Stratton, and the young and tremendously exciting Drummer Dovid Orlansky, the Nussach Ari band has captured everyone’s immediate attention. “Rehearsed,” “creative,” “completely different,” “musical to the nth degree,” “over the top,” are only a few of the words being used to describe this new project. Intended to provide the answer to the question “Is there a band out there who can provide exciting and Lebedik wedding music, older and newer Heimishe music, soulful Chupa and background music, include professional sound systems, be Mentchen and be affordable?” Nussach Ari is the collaborative brainstorm of Ari B and Calev Stratton. The early and immediate success and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive and extremely encouraging. While these musicians may be viewed as the new generation of up and coming Jewish Music stars, it’s wise to remember that they bring a history of involvement in Jewish music that already exceeds forty years. They have been students of the best in Jewish music and are now themselves ready to inherit the title!

If you  want to contact Nussach Ari give them a call at: 718-962-5448 or visit which will go live at the end of this week.

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