Nachum Segal Speaks with Eli Gerstner & Yossi Newman About Chol Hamoed Succos YBC Live

September 21, 2010 1 min read

YBC Live Succos 10 Final 2

Nachum hosted Eli Gerstner and Yossi Newman live at JM in the AM to get all the latest YBC and EG Productions news. The Yeshiva Boys Choir will be headlining Sunday, Chol Hamoed Succos, at Brooklyn College with exciting performances by Dovid Gabay, Dovid Stein, and Eli Gerstner. Eli and Yossi discussed what it takes to be part of the renowned choir and how they try and keep Yeshiva Boys Choir at the forefront of the Jewish choir genre. Nachum and the guys spoke about the upcoming YBC album projects and much more. Click HERE to listen or use the player below.

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