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Meydad Tasa with a chasidishe twist, NEW single “Besiyata Bishmaya”

September 19, 2010 1 min read


“Besiyata Bishmaya” – repeat that song title over and over. Because it’s the song you hear all over the Jewish music world in the coming week.Meydad Tasa, is finishing up his latest album “Shimcha Hagadol”. Tasa released this latest single just in time for Succos and I think it will do very well at every simchas beis hashoeiva.

Meydad’s Ashkenazic pronunciation is perfect which makes one almost wonder about his Yemeni origin.

This masterpiece composition belongs to the one and onlyEliezer Kalish, andYoeli Dickmannworking.

Behind the scenes, of course, involved is Tasa’s producerAviad Gilsign with both hands on Tessa’s meteoric success.

For those who lover Meydad’s Easter style music, don’t worry,  he plans to have an album packed with his usaual flare and style.

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