Menachem Herman – Sweet Home Jerusalem

June 28, 2010 2 min read

Menachem Herman
Lyrics by Rabbi Lazer Brody and Steven Gasner
Menachem Herman has just released his latest and arguably most powerful single yet. The internationally acclaimed Chassidic rock guitarist, singer and songwriter has combined all of his unique talents and transformed a much loved classic rock hit, into a highly relevant and moving anthem that confronts one of the most important issues relating to peace in Israel and for Jewry today.
Profound and Punchy Inspired by the 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd hit of almost the same name, Sweet Home Jerusalem pulls no punches. The lyrics are both profound and punchy and have real meaning, and the tune itself is  every bit as powerful and emotive today as it was when it was first penned.
New Cocktails
Menachem provides insight and illuminates issues that cannot be ignored. Concerned and troubled by the apparent lack of understanding shown by the politicians currently wrestling over the future of Jerusalem,  Menachem can only put all that is good under the spotlight to ensure that the right messages get through. “We can’t be afraid, we have to look outside the box and be warriors for truth, not dogs for a dry bone. We are creating new cocktails at a critical time in history. This is where Sweet Home Jerusalem is coming from.”
Awesome Musician
Menachem himself is a music world maverick – rebellious, ideological, passionate and determined. Not easy to pigeonhole. He’s a devoted Jew, a noble role model and an awesome musician with a gift to stir the very soul
of any audience. Having performed with top artists globally, he combines his experience and magic on stage and always delivers a stirring and moving performance. Reaching deep for a soulful expression in a troubled world, Menachem’s music, an authentic mix of old and new school, is big on classic rock drama and power, whilst still making room for blues and ethnic styles to shine through. Sweet Home Jerusalem combines concise values and deceptively understated lyrical insight.
For over 25 years now, Menachem has united and bonded with audiences from different backgrounds and ideologies, all of whom have positively reveled in his music and been uplifted by it. He is in constant demand in his
native Israel, in Europe and the UK, across North America in the US and Canada, and yet is still looking for new audiences.

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