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Media Superstar Nachum Segal, broadcasting from Hebron

February 03, 2010 1 min read

by from “The Wilder Way” – David Wilder – www.thewilderway.info

See (hear) the entire broadcast on: www.jmintheam.org

Interview with Nachum Segal
Noam Arnon, Yoni Bleichbard and Menachem Livni
Mordechai Yitzhar singing about Hebron

Nachum Segal

With Simcha Hochbaum

With Yossi Baumol

L-R: Noam Arnon, Yoni Bleichbard, Yossi Baumol,
Mordechai Yitzhar, Nachum Segal, David Wilder

On far left, Hebron Executive Director Menachem Livni

With Yoni Bleichbard and Yossi Baumol

With Bentzi Vataro

The giant and the midget

Mordechai Yitzhar

With Noam Arnon

With blessings from Hebron,
David Wilder

www.hebron.com (English)

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