Pictures & more from last nights KULOM AHUVIM LIVE! Concert

December 20, 2009 4 min read


By: Yossi Zweig

Wow! What a spectacular evening.  MBD hasn’t been to Brooklyn College or any BIG concert in NY in at least a year or so and you can tell the people needed their dose of MBD. The Freilach Orchestra outdid themselves last night!  They came out in costumes that consisted of “Vollen” Tzitzis, vests, and old fashioned Yiddish caps.  This was no typical Orchestra. With the way they were playing not only did the crowd get into the music, but the performers did as well.

Avrumi Flam. In my honest opinion Avrumi is one of the most underrated singers around. His voice is so clear and not to mention powerful. He has had some major hits in the last decade of JM, Toiv Lehoidos, Bshetzef, Tantzin, etc. yet you don’t see him regularly in the concert scene. Well this was his time to shine. The crowd warmed quickly to him and there was no doubt that we were all watching a polished professional perform. Singing his signature songs, Toiv Lehodos and Bshetzef, he left the crowd wanting more and setting up the next performer.

This was the first time I got to experience Shua Kessin in a NY concert performance since his debut album hit. He came on stage with such strong energy that you couldn’t help but be mesmerized. Shua started with the title track of his debut album “Lo L’hityaeish” and the fans couldn’t get enough. Shua then picked up his guitar on stage and sat on a stool to play for us his popular “Nishmas Kol Chai”, then finishing with the ever popular wedding hit “Beitin” which was a real crowd pleaser.

Yeedle was next and excitement was in the air. We all wondered what hit Yeedle would open with. Well we didn’t have to wait long. It was Ahallel and Freilach orchestra was giving the song even more energy than the album had (if that’s possible). After a song like that with people getting out of their seats applauding, Yeedle decided to take it down a notch with Elon. Then came a great medley of Yeedle hits it was Ashrecha, Yismach Yisroel, Ella Ella and V’havei and everyone loved every minute of it. Now was the moment the crowd was anxiously awaiting Yeedle & Aaron Razel singing Ma Tamar together. I honestly can’t put that performance into words. They were both jumping and so into the music that everyone around me had a huge smile on their faces and was mesmerized.

It was time for Aaron Razel to shine in his debut NY performance, and he did just that. He started with one of the hottest songs Hegia Z’man Hageula. Watching him with his guitar and letting the music flow over you, one couldn’t help but hope that moshiach is just around the corner and coming any day now. Surprisingly enough, Aaron’s next song was that of his brother Yonatan Razel, the world famous “V’hei Sh’eomda” and the place went nuts. I mean this song was been making such big waves in all corners of the world and then you have the composer’s brother performing it live on stage, what more could one want. Aaron went on to perform 3 more songs before the crowd started chanting “MBD”, “MBD”. The music cued up and Aaron said “You want MBD? Moshiach Ben David? So do I. The place loved it. Then onto stage came the KING himself MBD and they performed together “Es Achai” off of MBD’s latest album.

Then it was just MBD and the fans. Being that the evening was entitled Kulom Ahuvim Live!, it would seem fitting for MBD to sing this mega hit now as his first solo song of the evening. Everyone was singing along and you could feel the energy in the air, it was spectacular. After that it just got better and better like fine wine, Anovim, Bo Yovo, Lulei Soroscha & Usid. Everyone got a hardy dose of MBD and they were craving more.

Those who attended the concert were given a “gift bag” which included a playbill, Americare sticky pad and a brand new single entitled “POMEGRANATE”.  Next was a special video presentation of this song presented, composed and vocals by Yossi Green with additional vocals by Michael Ian Elias. It was a great song and cute video.

MBD was back and a good thing he was or I think a riot would have started. Mordche sang a great nostalgia medley including  I’d Rather Pray & Sing and Happy Days. Mordche said at this point how could the evening end without him and Yeedle singing a song together. Yeedle joined his father on stage and they sang Yeedle’s mega hit “Shiru Lamelech. MBD was on fire but time was almost up at Brooklyn College and Mordche had time for one more set. I would say that the next set was the latest and greatest hits from MBD. Maaminim, Efshar Letakein, Someday and finally the song that has swept the nation “Omar Rabbi Akiva”. By the time the band finished playing Omar everyone was dancing in the aisles (men only) and the full house was officially rocked. There was only one way to end this show, MBD’s Moshiach with the entire cast (minus Razel that had to catch a plane back to Israel) and that, was the piece de resistance. An amazing SEPARATE SEATING show produced by Ozer Babad and Chezky Zeiger with the talent that is the Freilach Orchestra.


Yeedle & Ilya Lashinsky (sound)


MBD & Aaron Razel

DSC_7177MBD & Sheya Mendelowitz

DSC_7186MBD with producers Ozer Babad (Xclusive productions) & Chezky Zeiger (CZ productions)

DSC_8329Sound Board with Mic’s for the evening


Avrumi Flam

DSC_8363Avrumi Schreiber (Freilach Orchestra)

DSC_8390Shua Kessin


DSC_8510Aaron Razel

DSC_8514MBD & Aaron Razel

DSC_8539MBD & Aaron Razel




DSC_8810MBD & Yeedle

DSCF7198Sheya Mendelowitz & MBD

DSCF7201Sheya & Ozer Babad

DSCF7217Avrumi Stauber & Pinny Ringel (Hi Tech2000)


entire cast: Shua Kessin, Avrumi Flam, MBD, Yeedle

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