September 24, 2009 3 min read

The year 5769 ended with a tremendous Simcha — the grand bar mitzvah celebration of Zyshe, son of well known prominent philanthropist and public activist Mr. Ari Noe wears two hats – one is lavish, the other simple. The CEO of OTR Media Group, one of the largest New York City Outdoor Advertising companies, is equally comfortable schmoozing with New York City politicians and hosting legislative breakfasts, as he is serving food to the city’s impoverished.

So when it came to celebrating his son’s Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish ceremony that marks a boy’s transition into adulthood, Noe decided to honor both: Wednesday night September 9th he was celebrating the bar mitzvah of his son Zyshe at a huge ballroom in Williamsburg, Brooklynwith over 2000 friends and family members attending.  Among those dignitaries who participated in the Simcha were over 150 esteemed Rabbis as well as dozens of elected officials from NY and Washington as the king of Jewish media Zav Brenner quoted ‘the’ event of the year.

Ari and his wife Sarah are prominent community activists, they are well known for many acts of chesed and selfless generosity.  Those who are in need know that they can always turn to the Noe’s for help.  Over one hundred and fifty administrators of various charities and yeshivas came to the bar mitzvah from all over the world to wish Mr. and Mrs. Noe and Zyshe a hearty Mazel Tov.

Rabbi Boruch Rozmarin, principal of Zyshe’s yeshiva praised Zyshe for being “one of the strongest students in the Yeshiva” and noted that two days before Zyshe’s bar mitzvah he was amazed that Zyshe was able to learn a difficult tosafos.  He also offered his best wishes to Ari, who he called “a man of integrity” and a great builder of Torah institutions.  Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Tefila of North Miami Beach, FL also spoke about Ari’s outstanding ahavas yisroel” love to a fallow Jew. He is just as a nice guy. Ari and his beloved wife Sarah are recognized in the community as someone who is eager to help every Jew and human being of any background.  To Noe’s, It doesn’t matter whether someone was Chassidic, religious, or not. If he needed help, Ari and Sarah are there to help.

Celebrating Zyshe’s bar mitzvah at Masbia soup kitchen, an organization that feeds the poor in the local community was especially meaningful “I want my son to learn a valuable lesson today,” said Ari,”that even if we are blessed to celebrate our simchas in other venues we must never forget those who are less fortunate.  Our Simcha is their Simcha as well.  We are all brothers

Currently Masbia has a program that solicits couples about to get married to sponsor a night meal at the soup kitchen, but Noe is taking this tradition a step further. Not only is he sponsoring the night, but he indeed celebrated his son’s actual Bar Mitzvah in the soup kitchen. Guests who arrived to eat were surprised to find extra lavish food, and joyous music to accompany them and put a smile on their faces with thebar mitzvah boy Zyshe hand out 20 dollars bills to the poor and needy people 10% from his Bar Mitzvah gifts. Mr. Noe is no newcomer to Masbia. In the past he has donated billboards for Masbia’s fundraising use, and sponsored hundreds of meals for the city’s poor.

Klal Yisrael (“Community of Israel”)wishes Mazel Tov and a happy and healthy new year to the entire Noe family and Zyshe with lots of joy and happens (nachus) they should be able to continue their good deeds and kindness to all Jews all the time.

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