OORAH Presents The Shmorg: view the all-new trailer now!

The Shmorg, Oorah’s 2009 CD/DVD, thus named in reference to a full “shmorg ” at simchas, offers up a menu that would satisfy even the most discerning palates. The Shmorg CD, which can be viewed on the oorah site, contains all ten audio tracks, and a trailer of what’s available on the full Shmorg . Donors to Oorah will receive the full Gold Edition of The Shmorg , which include an audio and a visual disc.

The DVD portion of The Shmorg contains something for everyone to watch. Whether you’re a talmid chacham curious about the intricacies of this year’s Birchas Hachama, a solid Journeys enthusiast who wants to see another two of Abie Rottenberg’s classics come to life, or a Lipa Schmeltzer fan eager to catch up on his latest antics, you’re in for a real treat.

The audio portion of The Shmorg showcases a refreshing line of artists, some seasoned performers, and some newly discovered. With brand new compositions written especially for Oorah by the likes of Yehuda Green and Yitzy Waldner; this CD will both entertain and inspire.

As a kiruv organization, Oorah has garnered a unique reputation in the fundraising world for always being on the cutting edge. Their collection of original productions in the second Auction mailing comes not only to entertain, but to remind everyone of the vitally important mission of our generation – to reach out to the millions of disconnected Jewish souls and help them find their rightful place in Klal Yisroel.

By enrolling children in yeshiva, giving them a meaningful summer at BoyZone or GirlZone camps, learning Torah with their parents, helping them learn to observe Shabbos and celebrate Yomim Tovim and so much more, Oorah has taken on the mission. Each Auction dollar helps support these effective, successful programs, making every donor a vital part of the kiruv journey for the more than 1,800 families Oorah serves.

So grab a plate, pull up a chair…and have a sampler of The Shmorg .

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