ITZIK ESHEL new album

Itzik Eshel in response:
This is not my work; it comes from God Almighty alone

After a delay of almost six months, the event that we have all been waiting for has arrived:
Itzik Eshel has finally been able to fulfill his promise, and at the end of a long, yet full of
promise silence, disappointments, and renewed promises, he finally launches the album that
so many are looking forward to. Itzik, an artist who listens to his heart, does not submit to a
deadline: “I have taken all the time that I needed in order to make this album sound the way
I wanted it to sound, but as said above, this is not my work, this is from God Almighty alone.”
As always when it comes to Eshel, the new album contains 13 colorful, joyful tracks, and is
being launched with perfect timing that combines well with this merry time of the year. The
music in the album is characterized as youthful and updated, touched by Oriental styles,
Hassidic styles and sometimes Israeli styles. Eshel is identified with a rapid type of singing
which he has developed himself on the edge of advanced rap with Jewish words. He has
written all the lyrics and music by himself, except for one song (“Here You Are, Consecrated
to Me”), which was written and composed by Yishai Lapidot.

The diverse album contains peaceful melodies, (“Faith and Nothing Else” and “Grandfather
Shalom”), next to uplifting lively songs for those of us who like the darbuka drums and
rhythm, (“I Have Nothing without You”, and “It Is Not My Work”). The songs were carefully
selected and the result is a special and rare album. The first single, “I’m Coming Back” has
been a hit and landed on top spots in the annual music charts.

The original texts are based on words of faith that brings one closer to God Almighty. Itzik
tells about his relationship with God Almighty, pleading, praying, and begging for better
times, and the arrival of the Messiah. Similar to his previous albums, Escher also believes in
singing in duets. For this album, he has invited top artists such as Mendi Jarufi for a brilliant
Hassidic duet: (“God Has Sworn to David”), Yaniv Ben Mashiach (“I Have Nothing without
You”), Meydad Tessa (“I Am Just a Child”), and others. Eshel uses the cellular technology and
allows everyone who likes the songs from this album to turn all of them into ring tones in a
simple user-friendly manner.

The credit list is signed by Itzik Eshel, with a special ‘Thank you’ comment: “And yet again,
thank you Father in Heaven, I truly declare that without you I am nothing in this world.” The
CD is sold through the largest Hassidic music company in Israel “Greentec” and in select
music stores.

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