All of us stood shocked/stunned and crying facing the picture of little Moishe crying and calling out for his mother. Shluchim of Chabad are staring to fear and are looking to strengthen security on Chabad houses all over the world. There was someone who found a way to be mechazek them. The writer and composer Yossi Green composed a song of Chizuk for the shluchim of Chabad spread all over the world and he chose one of the star musicians of Chasidei Olam-Ohad Moskowitz. “When I heard what happened to the jews at the Chabad center I sat and I sung this song as a Tefilla to Hashem”, said Yossi Green. Erev Shabbos, Parshas Toldos, reports from Turkey continued to stream. Vague and informal reports passed on about the situation of the jews who were taken hostage in the Chabad house in Mumbai. The world renowned composer, Yossi Green, sitting in his home in Seagate, New York, being updated like the whole Am Yisrael. “I sat in my home and worried about the Holczberg couple and the rest of the jews that were in that place and still did not know what their fate would be”, said Green. “I sat myself by the piano, my eyes filled with tears and the tefila that came out of me was this: ‘Kol Mi Sh’Oskim B’Tzarchei Tzibbur B’Emunah HaKadosh Baruch Hu Yeshalem Secharam’.” ” The melody/tune flowed and I felt stronger from it.” At that time before Shabbos came in, the awesome knowledge that the Holczberg couple were no longer with us. The rest of Shabbos I cried and sang this song.” With this in his heart Yossi Green began to sing us this composition without doubt, with the sights of the levayas of the Holczberg couple still echoing in his head, he was exhausted by his tears. “Tthe song is not a song of eulogy, Chas V’Shalom”, said Green, “it is a song of comfort and hope. A song that is meant to be mechazek the shluchim of Chabad all over the world, that the shouldn’t be afraid of the enemies of K’lal Yisrael. To all of them to wait for their s’char. At times like these many difficult questions come up. We don’t understand everything, but that is not our purpose. Our job at the moment is to be Mechazek and do all that is in our power for those Jews who gave their lives for Klal Yisrael.” Immediately, as Shabbos went out, Yossi Green picked up his telephone, and called his dear friend and singer, Ohad Moskowitz and asked him to publicize the song. “I chose davka Ohad because of his tremendous voice abilities and because there is no other singer who can express true emotion through song as Ohad can.” Ohad Moskowitz heard the song over the phone and felt he wanted to do this as well. “Baruch Hashem, I was zoche to appear in almost every place in the world. And there is no place that I did not find the shluchim of Chabad and their wonderful work. In every place that a person is, even in the farthest of places, you will find Chabad, and their shluchim there greeting people with a panim yafos, worrying about them, and giving them a good jewish feeling.” Ohad sees the song as a form of HaKaros HaTov, “I see the importance of publicizing this song out of thanks for these Tzadikim, who worry about people everywhere. The minute Yossi played me the song, I called my producer, and told him there is a song we must record this minute. This is the time to give the shluchim of Chabad chizuk and hope”, added Ohad. Ohad recorder the song in the late hours of the night, when in the studio, it is difficult not to be swept away the strong emotion that the song passes on to its listeners. “I think that there is almost no Jew who is not hit by this in any Chabad house in the world. This is a time of importance, when we all need to come and say to them: Thank you. If this song will encourage even one Shliach of Chabad, the that will be our reward.”

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