Great New Restaurants for Fall 2008

Caraville Glatt/Home of New Essex
1910 Avenue M
(Bet Ocean Ave. & E. 19th)
Brooklyn, NY 11230

(718) 253-1002

Rabbi Babad

“What was once old is all new again in the form of Caraville Glatt, the “Home of the New Essex.” When news broke that the the owners of Essex of Coney Downtown, Julian Whiteman and son Meyer, took over Caraville, the Brooklyn dining community could not have been more excited. While it was sad to see Harry Rasp, the original owner of Essex on Coney close the Coney Island Avenue store at the end of 2007, it allowed Julian and Meyer to retain the name and concept- delicious, family-friendly food.

And when the opportunity came along to take over the long time established Caraville, the pieces just fit perfectly – they simply could not turn it down. Julian and Meyer’s goal is to cater to the former customers of Essex on Coney as well as the future customers of Caraville Glatt.

The restaurant, which recently opened in the beginning of 2008, is a spacious establishment with many accommodations to benefit their customers. When you first walk in, there is a long counter with all your favorite deli selections. Cushioned and private booths are to your left and to your right is a beautiful, large room, featuring a sushi bar and a full beer and wine bar. Two additional large dining rooms are located to your far left and far back which, depending on the circumstance, will be used for both in house dining or on premise catering.

The trademark Essex specialties combined with the classy decor and wide space for seating, allow for both large families and those couples looking for fine dining to be very satisfied. Of course, their menu features all their well known fare, like kishke, hot open deli sandwiches, Bison Burgers and Stuffed Cabbage, but they also offer higher end items such as Chicken portabella and 40oz. Rib Steaks. With a great tradition under their wings, the future of Caraville Glatt, “Home of the New Essex” looks as bright as ever.”

Kosher Bistro
1320 East 19th Street
(Corner of Avenue M)
Brooklyn, NY 11230


“Kosher Bistro is all about fish and sushi. They know the right way to cook it and the right way to serve it, which customers should not take for granted. The owner of Kosher Bistro has designed a menu that allows for any fish or sushi lover to wish they would have opened years ago. After great anticipation, the restaurant opened this past summer with a beautifully designed cozy dining room. With ocean-themed prints on tall glass windows, the restaurant is bright and sunny during the day with an intimate and candle-lit setting at night. You almost feel like you’re eating outside under the stars – it’s quite amazing what they have been able to do.

If you’re there at eleven when they open you can take advantage of their very reasonable breakfast specials of two eggs any style served with Israeli salad, toast, french fries, coffee or tea, all for under four dollars. They have many omelettes to choose from, like Mushroom, Spinach, Smoked Salmon and Mediterranean Onion. Pancakes, French Toast and blintzes are also offered in the morning. At lunch time, you get to select from starters such as mozzarella sticks, assorted Mediterranean salads and soup of the day. Salads, paninis, pizzas and pastas are also available all served with beautiful presentation and large portions.

But with over 17 different fish items on the menu, one would have to come a few times a week to appreciate all that they offer – and many do. The menu features Salmon, Sole, Bass, Snapper, Branzini, Tilapia, St. Peters, Tuna, Halibut, Flounder, Mahi Mahi, Grouper and much more. You’d think that it was a fish market. You can get any fish served whole, filet, spicy, mild and all according to your tastes. Of course, sushi is another specialty they have excelled in, their Sushi Love Boat is a fan favorite. They have a great cheese cake, Israeli style and the restaurant has a full espresso bar along with saki, wine and beer.

If you are looking for a new fish and sushi restaurant to go to, you owe it to yourself to stop by the Kosher Bistro – they’ll often give you a complimentary appetizer to make sure you start your meal off right.”

On the Grill
95 East Kennedy Blvd.
(Shloimy’s Kosher World Plaza)
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Phone: 732-942-6555

KCL / Glatt Kosher

“Lakewood has been waiting a long time for a restaurant like “On the Grill” to come along. The local and area residents have been patient and they have been rewarded with this elegant and sophisticated establishment. When the owners saw a lack of fine dining restaurants they knew they would have a big hit and by the looks of the crowd – they were right.

On the Grill, which opened its doors in December 2007, offers superior service, kashrus and quality. As the name implies, everything is made on the grill from the Grilled Chicken Cutlet to the Baby Chicken Kabob to the 16 oz. Del Monico Rib Steak. But before one gets to the perfectly grilled and reasonably priced meats, you need to take a step back and appreciate the combination of their numerous homemade Israeli style salads. Some include hummus and tehina, babaganoush, hot peppers, Greek eggplant salad and matbucha salad.

What’s ever so special about On the Grill is that it has the best of both worlds. You see, when one walks through the doors of the restaurant, depending on why they are there they will undoubtedly leave satisfied. If one walks straight they will see a huge restaurant length-counter where all the meats are grilled and where all the salads are made. Everything that is served in the restaurant can be taken out at the counter. This way you can actually see what you’re “taking out.” But the restaurant is designed with such precision that the counter is away from the dining area where if one chooses to sit and dine, it is not noisy or crowded from the take out counter.

The restaurant’s dining area is decorated with a modern yet classy decor. Wood partitions with beautiful white tree-like branches separate each table to add privacy. Waiters are busy taking orders, patrons are looking over the menu and everyone seems to be having a good time. It is the ideal place for dates, meetings and where married couples can leave the kids at home and unwind. Lakewood deserved a place like this – it was about time.”

Sushi Metsuyan Monsey

314 East Saddle River Road
(Rt. 306 S. becomes Saddle River Rd.)
Monsey (Airmont), NY 10952

Phone: (845) 517-0022

“After conquering Cedarhurst, Queens and Teaneck, it was only a matter of time until Sushi Metsuyan made its way up north to Monsey, New York. Tzvi Maller, owner of Sushi Metsuyan and The Pasta Factory in Teaneck has partnered up with local Monsey native, Chaim Stimmel to offer the highest quality sushi you can get. For over seven years, Monsey residents had to drive 30 minutes to get their Sushi Metsuyan craving, but since May 2007, it is just a few minutes away. Ironically, while it is a two minute drive off Route 306, it feels like miles away. And the owners like that. Tzvi and Chaim like the fact that the restaurant is away from the “hustle and bustle” of Route 59. Once you arrive, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for your upcoming exquisite meal.

The modern style restaurant features a beautiful onyx wall above the sushi counter and lit candles on an exposed brick wall. While the Teaneck branch is strictly sushi and fish, the owners of the Monsey establishment recently added meat dishes to their sushi-packed menu. Some of the interesting and suggested appetizers include El Bomba, avocado and sundried tomato eggrolls and Malaysian Cigars, crispy rolls with meat and rice noodles. On the robatayaki grill side, recommended selections include the honey-flavored Malay BBQ chicken in a secret blend of spices, Steak Sambai marinated in their vibrant tequila lime sauce and the famous tender Metsuyan Kalbi short ribs, slow roasted and char grilled yielding delicious layers of caramelized bliss. The menu is constantly changing, so be sure to ask your waiter for their most recent specials.

For sushi, get the tempura-style, Godzilla Roll with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, kani and their secret spicy sauce or the Tiger Eye Roll, of raw fluke and smoked salmon wrapped around Kani (mock crab), avocado and jalapeno. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Cobbler or Creme Brulee.

Already off to a great start, Sushi Metsuyan Monsey is certainly a deserving restaurant worth your time.”

Village Steakhouse
9440 West Sahara Ave
(Off S. Fort Apache Rd – in Village Shopping Center)
Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 838-8006

Chabad of Las Vegas

“Elegant, inviting and contemporary are just a few words to describe Village Steakhouse, Las Vegas’ premier Glatt Kosher restaurant. Opened in October 2007, Village Steakhouse is a fine dining establishment, featuring natural and seasonal ingredients in an exclusive decor and refined service.

Owner Marc Attia spent most of his life running upscale restaurants and when he decided to eat only kosher, he saw the need for a place like this. Marc’s philosophy is providing his guests with an experience that will exceed their expectations as far as quality of food and service. Marc jokes that he wanted to let, not only the locals but tourists and business travelers who come to Las Vegas, know that kosher is not just “Houmous and Kebabs.”

The steakhouse is located in the Village Shopping Center, hence the name, but Marc says it was more than that – “Village” conveys the original concept of an organic and natural restaurant. And like in any village, you need a leader, and the culinary leader of this restaurant is Executive Chef Jacques Zagouri. Trained by some of France and Israel’s best masters, Chef Zagouri exhibits an extensive knowledge of French cuisine as well as a healthy approach to modern cooking. He uses only the healthiest of natural and organic ingredients along with kosher dietary principles.

If you like lamb, you’ve come to the right place. With signature dishes like the Lamb Ossobuco, Braised Lamb Leg and Lamb Curry you’ll be in Lamb heaven. Other specialties include Buffalo Chateaubriand, Veal Chops and a couple of their fish selections, including the Mushroom stuffed Trout and Chilean Sea Bass with tri color pepper coulis. Of course, no fine dining experience would be complete without an assortment of exquisite wines from California, South America, France and Israel. For dessert, there are many to choose from such as the homemade Cabernet poached Pear, Chocolate mousse and the semi-frozen caramel mousse. For lunch, they have a similar menu but with added lunch items like burgers and sandwiches.”

Coming this Fall:

Carciofi – 914 Kings Highway, ……

Mendy’s Deli – 1359 Coney Island Avenue, ……

Carlos & Gabby’s- …. Coney Island Avenue, …..

Hibachi Steakhouse- 816 Avenue U, 718-336-1445

Tea for Two Lounge – ….. East 4th, ……

Tea for Two- 564 Central Avenue, 516-374-9200

Grill Time- Tenafly, NJ

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written by:Elan Kornblum

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