Newcomer Yumi Lowy

With so many new singers emerging every week, I thought I would educate you with some of the ones to keep an eye on. Yumi has been singing with Neginah for about 2 years now. His voice might sound familiar as you probably heard him on Suki & Ding’s “Mit A Yiddishen Taam”. Lowy also sang with the famous Shira Choir for a few years where every member is a dynamic singer in their own right. Yumi is currently collecting songs for his Debut album, so if you have anything you want him to hear send it to us and we will gladly forward it to him. I wont go on and on on how talented he is, and his vocal range. Just click the play button and see for yourselves.

The following is a video of Yumi singing with the Neginah Orchestra at a wedding in Ateres Chaya.

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