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Singular Studios

Our Power

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Join Uncle Yitzy, Naftali and Yissachar for another hilarious and intriguing adventure! In the small town of Ostroh, things are running peacefully- but in the giant monastery on the outskirts of the town, a plan is being formed… and the Koach Hatumah seems to be so powerful, that there’s nothing that can stand up to it. As their power grows more powerful and the fate of every Yid in the town hangs in the balance, they discover the one true power that can put a stop to it all- the Koach Hatorah… Our Power.

With 3 hours runtime and 3 original songs, be spellbound, entertained and entranced by this fascinating tale, said to have happened with the Maharsha, and discover the effect Our Power can have over even the most seemingly unbeatable powers of Tumah.


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