Yoely Lebovitz - Pester Rebbe

Yoely Lebovits or Pester Rebbe as some call him, is a popular figure around the Chasidishe Velt. One of his very funny acts is his imitation of Hungarian characters, which earned him the name Pester Rebbe, implying that he is the Rebbe of Pest.

Yoely's talent is multi-faceted. The humorous jokes and imitations aside, he is beloved for his musical performances as well. From the many old Yiddish Classics, to heartwarming Carlebach songs, Yoely has been on stage with the contemporary Jewish singers, such as MBD, Lipa Schmelzer, Avraham Fried, Cantor Moshe Schulhoff and even conducted countless of Carlebach kumzitsen.

Yoely keeps his guitar in the trunk of his car, so it's always at hand for him to cheer up anyone. With soft strums, he infuses words of wisdom and encouragement in his act, like his inspirational hero, Reb Shlomo Carlebach Zt"l. Yoely is a steady visitor of the area hospitals and homebound, or to children with special needs.


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