Coming This Week: Eitan Katz – Live in Jerusalem [Audio+Video Preview]

Eitan Katz is well known throughout the world as an amazing performer and gifted song writer. For years he has toyed with the idea of recording a live show in the holy land and to release it to the masses. Well, after months of planning it finally happened. About two months ago Eitan recorded a LIVE interactive kumzitz in Yershusholayim to a crowd of over 400 boys from all types of Jewish backgrounds. Now this most memorable night, during which Eitan was able to capture the true meaning of Jews coming together to sing will be available on a new CD entitled Live In Jerusalem. A evening which captured the true meaning of Jews coming together to singn and not for entertainment. Just to have an incredible moment of kesher with Hashem through the power of real Jewish Music.

Click PLAY below to hear a sample of the album

L’maancha- Eitan Katz Live in Jerusalem

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