Menachem Toker & Amiran Dvri Present: The Jewish “Penguin Dance”

February 04, 2014 1 min read

One of the most common dance’s in the world the “Penguin Dance” now enters the world of the ultra-Orthodox weddings brought to them by Israeli broadcaster Menachem Toker.

It seems a widely popular dance is sweeping across the world and now making its way onto the Jewish dance floor. Popular Israel radio personality Menachem Toker contacted composer/arranger/band leader Amiran Dvir to record a Chassidic melody to accompany the “Penguin Dance” and had his listeners on his show “Zman Avir” on “Radio Kol Chai” to learn the dance.

This past Sunday was the first wedding with Amiran Dvir’s performance and his band also dropped the plaza and join the dance.

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