Introducing: KLEIBEDIK the new klezmer sensation

January 27, 2014 2 min read

Forget all you thought you know about the term “Klezmer!”

No more old-fashioned traditional instruments of ancient melodies.
Presenting the new band/group “KLEIBEDIK” established/created by Nati Shayish & Shai Barak of “Shaiba Productions“. This new group will take the traditional Klezmer with violin and clarinet that we have grown to love and combine them with that of an electric guitar, dance music and a spectacular show combined dance and humor, to close the gap between the next and previous generation of Jewish music.

The band combines performances of songs and traditional Jewish melodies. From Meron nigunim and pesukim to musical classics like “Fiddler on the Roof” and even many Hasidic hits familiar, even to old and new hits of … Michael Jackson. The combination of familiar melodies and songs combined with special arrangements and authentic instruments, create a truly unique experience.

The world’s first band name also emphasizes the special appearance of Klezmer. The band members are all dressed in original costumes created especially for them to perform in as well as they each have instruments in different colors. In short, an unforgettable performance!

Performance band fits anyone who wants a taste of a Jewish flavor with innovative elements .

The show is suitable for conferences, Jewish celebrations – weddings, bar mitzvahs and festivals of all kinds.
In the coming weeks the band will travel abroad for their first tour of Europe.

Shai Barak & Nati Shayish are musicians and have a “return Productions ” . Together the two went on to create and produce the

first ever Jewish puppet rock band “BUBA MYSES” which has taken off and become a world phenomenon appearing across the globe.
For Nati and Shai however, there is a great thirst for world music and Jewish culture which they still wished to expolre. It was with that decision that they decided to leave the Jewish puppet rock band “BUBA MYSES” and move on to other projects. There is need to give access to it and adapt it to the future generation.

Accordingly, the two formed the band/group “KLEIBEDIK.”

In the near future, they will get other productions based on Jewish music, which will be accessible to and adapted into the next millennium.

For more information:
Nati Shayish & Shai Barak 054-8030000 050-9350350 a Mail

Kleibedik – Fiddler on the roof medley live

Music Production By Shai Barak
Videographer , Director and Editor : Liran Shemesh
Costoms design by Nati Shayish , Shai Barak & Rachel Lichtenstadt
Dancers:Itay Ifargan , Sagi Fogel , Tomer Mizrahi
Beatbox : David Schmell
Choreography by Tomer Mizrahi
Musicians:Nir Sarussi,Nadav Malkieli,Tal Barak & Benni Weill
Mixed by Oren Latz
Photographs : Liran Shemesh

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