Musical Performance “Shirim V’nifla’ot” Fro Chanukah with the Kinderlach, Itzik Dadya & Uziah Tzadok

November 22, 2013 1 min read

Pressure from fans always changes decisions!!! This year, there were no plans for another “Shirim V’nifla’ot” concert on Chanukah, but the pleas of everyone were overwhelming. Producer David Fadida gave in and decided to put out another concert this year featuring the Kinderlach with songs from their new album “Make it Happen”, and Mediterranean Pop singer Itzik Dadya, as well as yeled hapeleh Uziah Tzadok.

The performances will take place in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Naharia, special price on the website only 25 shekel!

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