New Book on Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt”l – From Avi Ben Israel

In the past few years singer and author Avi Ben Yisrael has released a number of books and disks on the Jewish holidays and more for children. Every time Avi would release a new book he would meet with Rav Ovadia Yosef zt”l to ask for his Bracha with putting out the book. Rav Ovadia always valued Jewish education for children and would always be very pleased by Avi’s books. In the past few years Avi was very close to Rav Ovadia and to his son Rav Yitzchak Yosef, and when Rav Ovadia first became sick, he released a song called “Rofeh Tziri Kel Ne’eman“, which became a hit, and after Rav Ovadia passed away he put out another song called “Mi Yoreh Lanu Deah“, which also became a hit. While Rav Ovadia was still alive, Avi began working on a book called “Maran P’Eir Ha’Dor“.

Avi Ben Yisrael said, “My original idea was to release a book with 300 pages with the special material that we had collected. The book was supposed go down to the printers’ on the day Rav Ovadia was Niftar, and eventually the book was released in an entirely different manner. All throughout Shiva we worked on the book, and added some of the Hespedim, little anecdotes from the Levaya, and pictures from the different parts of his life, and ended up producing a book with 500 pages. The book was released about two days after Shiva was over, and in a few days the entire first edition was sold out. Now we’re working on printing a second edition.”

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