The First Single From His Upcoming Second Album Avi Gasner – Mi?!

August 07, 2013 1 min read

Avi Gasner was not born a singer, and definitely not a Chazan; he didn’t study in a music academy, nor did he involve himself with music during his childhood. At 58 years old, he has been a pension insurance agent professionally, but in the past decade he has made a very interesting switch. He began to take lessons in Chazzanut and vocal culture in the Yerushalayim school for Chazzanut and music, and continued to develop an occupation in Jewish culture and art. The first result of this major investment was his album “Ohr”, which came out about a year ago.

Now, he is releasing a single called “Mi?!”, composed by Eli Laufer, with the words of Ein Keilokeinu.

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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