The Emperor’s Secret A Cinematic Audio Experience about a spoiled Emperor and a mysterious secret

Aviva’s Story: The Happiest 12yr Old Girl, With Every Reason Not to Be. from Aviva Productions on Vimeo.


Aviva Productions is the creator of Mind Theater – unleashing the power of imagination with a Cinematic Audio Experience. The Emperor’s Secret is our debut Mind Theater production.

The Birth of Aviva Productions
Meet Aviva, Chief Visionary Officer of Aviva Productions. For the past 6 years, Aviva has battled – a chronic, incurable autoimmune disease, life threatening multiple strokes and seizures, nearly crippling arthritis, paralysis, debilitating pain and total sight loss in her left eye and almost total sight loss in her right eye – and has come up smiling. With her sight loss, Aviva discovered real vision – the power to see beyond limitations and conventional wisdom. It is this vision and passion that drives us to the very edges of the universe of imagination.

When Aviva became all but blind, she dreamed of once again enjoying great stories and sharing them with children all over the world, but in a whole different way. And from that dream Aviva and her father started Aviva Productions and created Mind Theater – a Cinematic Audio Experience.

Mind Theater – The True Power of Audio
Mind Theater is like nothing you have heard before, an audio-based production that engages the listener with a palette of dynamically vivid sounds. Imagine the experience of a Hollywood movie, but where the mind creates its own images on the stage of infinite possibility. By synthesizing cutting edge sound design with professional and talented voice actors and musical scores that capture the pure emotion of the moment, every Mind Theater production becomes a launch pad for a child’s imagination.

After all, Aviva has taught us that from the darkness comes the greatest freedom. That only when all the images that bombard us from the outside are blacked out can our mind truly begin to experience a world where imagery knows no bounds and the sense of sight – “in”sight – takes flight. In fact, in an article by Dr. Susan R. Johnson she writes “……we aren’t reading or telling them (children) enough stories to help their minds create pictures. Creating pictures is not just entertaining, but the foundation of our dreams and higher thoughts (intuitions, inspirations and imaginations). We dream, think and imagine possibilities of the future in pictures.” (Strangers In Our Homes: TV and Our Children’s Mind)

Not just any story can become a Mind Theater production. We select only the most entertaining stories from accomplished authors that appeal to a wide range of the Jewish and general population and contain relevant and meaningful life messages like happiness, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation of all the blessings in our lives, appreciation of others, trying our best, unity and loving others – to name a few. Once the story is selected, we then let loose creative industry people to adapt the book to an awesome script. Aviva will not settle for anything less!

Our Staff
This project is one big collaboration by the Jewish People to bring the excitement and wonder of Mind Theater to all Jewish children. We appeal to authors to submit stories, talented voice actors and actresses to share their talents, creative industry people to adapt the book to an awesome script, and audio engineers to contribute their expertise. If this sounds like a pipe dream – well you’re right. Fortunately for us, there is Mercava ( An amazing organization that has created the unthinkable – harnessing the power and talents of the entire Jewish world to collaborate on high impact projects in the global Jewish community. With cutting edge technology, a worldwide talent network, powerful tools and resources and decades of startup expertise, Mercava is the perfect partner for Aviva Productions.

The person who orchestrates this symphony of talent and resources is LC Krainess, Aviva’s father and the creator of Aviva Productions, who is a social entrepreneur with a unique blend of creative talent and business detail. Among his recent accomplishments are founding a high school in Israel called Ohr Moshe, producing self growth seminars and workshops, creating a Jewish speakers bureau, and partnering in a social kindness website.

The First Mind Theater Production
The first Mind Theater production, The Emperor’s Secret is adapted from a story by Libby Lazewnik, titled “The Winds of Whim” appearing in the book “Don’t Look Down”. It is a story about a spoiled Emperor, who always gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, and a stranger with a special gift for the Emperor. Come visit a kingdom where the whacky is commonplace and high drama spiced with humor rules the kingdom. But watch out or you may get slimed by a bubble gum chewing-bubble gum blowing elephant!

The Emperor’s Secret is directed by Yitzmo, a ball of creative energy bursting with a wide array of talents as an actor, writer and musician. Chaim Valdman, artist and creator of the successful Jewish Comic Book series Operation Space Quest, is the creative consultant. And the sound wizard that makes all of the audio magic happen is Yehuda Zeytim, a veteran sound engineer who has worked with Matisyahu on his recent album.


What we need money for?
Aviva’s passion for life and this project is nuclear, but even Aviva cannot will Mind Theater into existence. There’s no way around it – to create a Mind Theater production takes money. And to bring it to children all over the world takes money. Fortunately many talented authors and voice actors have already contributed their talents to this project, but countless hours of script development, sound design (recording and post production) and directing the production need to be funded. And what good is the world’s best audio production if no one knows about it? Marketing – email campaigns, graphic design, media publicity, social media campaigns, sales video, etc. – require funding. And of course, it takes some dedicated people behind the scenes of Aviva Productions to coordinate the many facets of such a venture.

We are so serious about this project, we have put our money where our mouth is and are already well into the production of The Emperor’s Secret. Your support will allow us to finish production, market and electronically deliver The Emperor’s Secret.

The retail price of The Emperor’s Secret will be $15. However, when you back this project NOW, for every $5 that you give, Aviva Productions will send The Emperor’s Secret to one visually impaired child, and YOU will get your own FREE copy too. So if you give $50 to Aviva Productions, TEN lucky children will receive The Emperor’s Secret, and YOU will get your very own FREE copy, PLUS the other incredible rewards listed on the right side of this page.

What if We Beat Our Goal?
When your generous donations reach $20,000, we will have the funding that we need to produce, market and electronically deliver The Emperor’s Secret all over the world. However, since for every $5 that is donated Aviva Productions will send The Emperor’s Secret to one visually impaired child – the more funds that we receive above $20,000, the more visually impaired children will receive the Emperor’s Secret. Plus, we will use the funds towards our next Mind Theater production, which is already in the works.

How It Works?
You can pledge anything from $5 to $10,000. Everything helps.
For each of you that back and contribute, we offer “rewards” depending on the amount you pledge.
Your pledge amount will not be publicly displayed. Only you and the project owner will be able to see your pledge amount.
You don’t have to be in the US. You can pledge from anywhere around the world!

Risks and Challenges
We have a great road to travel with Aviva Productions. With your generous donations it becomes possible to begin a trip into the endless world of imagination. Not that this trip does not have challenges.
Taking audio books to a whole new level is a challenge that the teams of Aviva Productions and Mercava take seriously. An audio book doesn’t just happen, requiring creativity and professional know how all along the production process. And even once the audio book is complete, the task of letting the world know about it and then delivering it requires a well conceived and executed marketing plan and the latest in technology.

But we have some very nice pluses on our side. Using the power of Mercava’s talent network, we have marshaled the “troops” by engaging successful and professional talent across the board of the production process – story selection; script creation; voice acting; sound design; musical composition and selection. And our team is incredibly passionate about bringing the amazing world of Mind Theater to as many children as possible. Having a child’s imagination take flight, while learning some valuable lessons couldn’t make us happier. It certainly makes Aviva grin from ear to ear. And with your help, we can do it.

The cast of voice actors are a wildly, fantastically creative group of men and women, who have a passion for their art and have appeared in productions worldwide.
So we have an amazing script with lots of loveable characters, an awesomely awesome group of actors, a world class sound design engineer and a passionate group of people who are dedicated to Aviva’s dream.

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