A Shabbat Miracle

WORLD PREMIERE: A.K.A. Pella + Shabbat.com present “A Shabbat Miracle” [Music Video]

With the launch of the new Shabbat.com Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko and Shabbat.com is proud to present a dynamic new video entitled “A Shabbat Miracle” featuring the widely popular “T.G.I.F. 2 Medley” from the world renown A.K.A. Pella off their latest release A.K.A Pella V. This video depicts how several Jews from different backgrounds get stranded on a Friday afternoon. In the end all of them cover together each with their own addition to the shabbat table/meal. I think the message of “Shabbos pulls us together” is a great one!

The brand new Shabbat.com is more then just a website to find a shabbt meal. Now people can target exact demographic for the first time in the NEW news feed on everyone’s page. This will be the BIGGEST kiruv tool one can imagine. Looking for a specific business? Its all there on Shabbat.com. Are you single and looking for other singles? Shabbat.com has a button on all singles pages to click and it sends your resume right to the interested party’s shadchan, NO middle men. So wether your furm or not Shabbat.com is the biggest Jewish social network out there. Sign up today.

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