In The Midst of the Winter Wedding Season Eyal Touitou Releases “Harimu Yadayim”

After seven hit singles in a variety of styles and rhythms, the singer Eyal Touitou positioned himself at the center of musical world and is considered one of the most promising Jewish music careers in the last decade.

Touitou has fine musical presentation capabilities, and unique voice tone and exciting.

Touitou is currently hard at work finishing up his debut album, which is soon to be released. The debut album will feature the best songs, composers, arrangers and musicians in the music industry AND in the country. It contains songs in many styles and rhythms, which reflect the impressive vocal abilities of Touitou.

Touitou is considered a popular singer and a rising star in the world of Jewish simchas and events. He has appeared with his band all over the country performing a wide variety of music, Hasidic, Mizrachi and more. And many collaborations with great Chasidic singer and east of the country’s largest pulpits.

In the midst of the winter wedding season, Eyal launches his newest single “Harimu Yadayim“, which would bring you well into the atmosphere of joy which he put into all of his live performances be it a dinner or wedding and will make you L”harim Yadayim” and get into the rhythm.

Lyrics: David Chaftzadi. Composition, Arrangement: Doron Elimelech

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