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Over 1,500 people gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Bradesco Bank Theater to mark the 18th anniversary of Yeshiva Ohel Menachem Lubavitch, with performances by Mordechai Ben David and Yossi Green.

This past week over 1,500 people from the Jewish community in Sao Paulo, Brazil, filled the Bradesco Bank Theater to mark the 18th anniversary of Yeshiva Ohel Menachem Lubavitch in Sao Paulo.

Hundreds of students from all over the world have spent time learning in the Yeshiva, which now has over 100 students, 10 of which are part of the smicha program which is celebrating its tenth year.

As part of a series of celebrations saluting this great milestone, 18 years of commitment, education, contribution and a strong positive impact on the whole community, the “King of Jewish Music” Mordechai Ben David and the legendary composer Yossi Green took to the stage of one of the most prestigious venues in Brazil. The two were accompanied by the Shira choir and The Freilach band of New York, conducted by Mendy Hershkowitz.

“Our Yeshiva in Sao Paulo is like a haven and oasis of spreading the wellsprings of Chasidus and illuminating the city with Torah and mitzvot,” said the Dean and Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shamai Ende in his speech during the event.

Rabbi Ende went on to thank all the donors and friends of the yeshiva, and received an award in tribute to 18 years of integral communal achievement from state officials and a member of Parliament, presented to him by Floriano Pesaro.

“The activities of the yeshiva are not only within the Chabad community, but also reaching out to all the broader communities in Brazil,” said Rabbi Mendy Koncepolski, Director of the Yeshiva. “Our students and staff cater to all communities throughout the year, spreading the light of Chasidus in Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil.”

Rabbi Koncepolski noted that the large crowd in attendance is a real indication of the effect of the yeshiva and its students on the wider Jewish community.

The event was Produced by Yaron Levy of Pearl Productions NY.

Photos: Baruch Ezagui

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