Chaim Israel With A New Ballad “Ata Hayeled” and Zappa

Superstar mizrachi singer Chaim Israel released a ballad of love and emotion, a letter from a father to his son, dedicated to his son Daniel, “Ata Hayeled“. The song was written by Rami Lev to lyrics that touche the heart of a Greek melody and Eran Carmi musical production with sounds of yesteryear.

Chaim as usual displays an impressive and unique vocal performance, and makes the song power, and one of the most beautiful songs out recently!

“Ata Hayeled” is the eighth single from the new album “Kessem Neuorai“.

With the release of his latest album “Kessem Neuorai” this past August, Israel has launched a new show called “Kessem Neuorai” and launched a national tour at Reading 3 and hosted Yoav Yitzhak.

On 19/11/12 Chaim will appear at the Zappa Jerusalem

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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