Shavua Tov With The Best Shabbos Songs of All Time!

This past motzei Shabbos was a very special and exciting special time on the program “Shavua Tov” with Amiram Ben Lulu. Joining Ben Lulu in the studio were singers Efraim Mendelson, Ruli Dickman, Yoni Berger, child soloist Shmulik Gutman and public relations officer Tomer Cohen. They were all there celebrating the release of the new album “Kol Hashabbat” The Songs of the Sabbath Representing the BEST Shabbat song of all time which was released by “Coke Cola” Israel. During the program there was a lot of discussion about the Sabbath table, and the atmosphere of the Sabbath table songs on the album are an integral part of the ambiance Shabbat table in every Jewish home. How the songs were chosen, BY LISTENERS. How each song was then matched up with a unique singer. The production, and arrangements Trans – Atlantic was split among eight recording studios in Israel and abroad, and of course that fact that you don’t have to buy the album, you can get it for FREE packaged with the elegant design of the “Coke – Cola”. The singers featured performed songs together and separately, carrying the keys accompanies the keyboardist in Yisrael Sosnow.

Photo: Azriel Moshe

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