NACHAS to Release NEW Single

September 07, 2012 1 min read

The WORLD was introduced to NACHAS almost two years ago when he released his debut single “NACHAS” produced by Eli Gerstner. Since then he has released three more singles “Ah Simcha Mit NACHAS”, “Yehiyu Leratzon” and “Toiv Vehameitiv” ALL of which are available as FREE downloads on his site This Tuesday NACHAS is set to release his Fifth single, an English song entitled “G-D Bless The USA“. “9/11 is a day that changed all of our lives forever, says Nachas. “Though this will be the eleventh anniversary, we still remember that faithful day and all those who perished Jew and non-Jew alike”. So check back next week for the release of the new single.

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