Introducing: Yaakov and the Malachim

Yaakov and the Malachim; is the flagship vehicle of “Malachim” completed in memory of Shoshana Zilberstein – School of Jewish Music and sound art. Musical Director: Raphael Bitton.
Singer Kobi Oved, a senior teacher at the school sings together with the children who are blessed with the heavenly voices, like that of angels. They hope to release their debut album of this project soon which will be a double album. The first in the style of pop music produced by Lior Cohen and the other in the style of acapella. Their first single will be released on Tu B’Av entitled “Mayim Rabim”.

Click PLAY below to hear the song “Vayehei”

Click PLAY below to hear the song “itz Chayim & Hasivenu”

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