Avichai Chagag With An ALL New Album “Tzad BiChayay”

Avichai Chagag is a 20 year old yeshiva boy who has learning Torah in Yeshiva. Since early in his childhood he has always made people happy writing and composing of his own songs. Now his dream of becoming a performer with his own album is finally coming true.

After many years of studying the torah and musical theory with some greatest cantors in Israel and abroad, Chagag found his way to Dudu R. Raphael Barzani. Dudu recommended Avicha to show his talent to the world and share his gift of music. Only then did Chagag forge ahead, and it wasn’t long till he presented the world with his debut single “Tzad BiChayay” the song in which the words the Zohar opens up with.
Most of the songs on this album were written and composed by the talented Avichai Chagag himself!

Arrangements Udi Damari

Below you will find Track 10 entitled “Az Boeh Nodeh Lo”. This song became very popular as a parade song

Click PLAY below to hear the song

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