Daniel Gil Releases New Album The Four Worlds

Daniel Gil is a composer, musicologist, folk musician, producer, arranger and performer living in the Boston Area. Daniel’s works as a composer have been performed in both Europe and America, and are enjoyed by musicians and audiences alike. Daniel studied under the world’s most published composer, Dr. John Bavicchi, at Berklee College of Music, where Daniel graduated in 1998. Daniel is also a master of the Jewish folk idiom, and has led audiences around the world in song and dance through his unique blend of world instruments and storytelling. Daniel’s composition “ Niggun for the Love of Israel” is a great example of his talent in orchestration.

His classical compositions often incorporate the majestic scenes and beautiful melodies of his Chassidic heritage. Daniel created his own technique for composition, “The Musical Commentary System” – a textually based system of composition. Daniel’s first major composition employing this technique is “The Creation Overture, Genesis I, 1-3; A Musical Commentary,” commissioned by The Meru Foundation.

The Four Winds can be purchased on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.

Click PLAY below to hear just a little taste of this amazing album

Daniel has had several opportunities to lecture on the history and nature of Jewish music, including lectures at The New England Conservatory, Dartmouth College and various synagogues. His unique and creative method of lecturing incorporates sharing his knowledge of the field, spirited discussion, and live musical interpretations of the lecture material.

Due to Daniel’s ability in the fields of composition and musicology, he was awarded a grant from the Boston Combined Jewish Philanthropies, in conjunction with Congregation Etz Chaim, Sharon, to orchestrate and present archival material which he unearthed through various contacts and sources in Eastern Europe. The concert was a great success and was written up in the Boston Globe and The Jewish Advocate. Daniel’s composition, The Mystical City, based on melodies from the town of Mezhibuzh, Ukraine, was performed at NEC’s Jordan Hall to a very large audience. The performance included a chamber orchestra and an oral presentation by Dr. Lewis Glinert of Dartmouth College, interwoven with the orchestral performance.

Daniel is also an accomplished recording engineer and producer, having worked in the industry since the production of his first solo commercial CD ‘Soul Calling‘ in 1997. Daniel has a reputation for his intense work ethic as well as for his attention to detail during the recording process. Daniel’s mastery of classical orchestration as well as modern arrangement styles makes him one of the most musically qualified producers in the world. His most recent recording, “The Four Worlds” has been very well received and shows Daniel’s true virtuosity as a producer, arranger, composer, performer and engineer. Daniel is the chief engineer/producer for Reicher Recording, and was mentioned amongst other top producers in an article surveying the use of small diaphragm condenser microphones in the July/August ‘09 issue of TapeOp magazine.

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