Who would YOU like to see in the next edition of the JM365 Calendar?

March 18, 2012 1 min read

JM365 the First Calendar Created Exclusively For Jewish Music Fans got tremendous feedback on their first edition which was released this past September. The 14 month calendar featured some of the biggest musical talents that have contributed and impacted to JM in the last few decades, including; MBD, Shlomo Carlebach, Jo Amar, Lipa, Nachum Segal, Yishai Lapidot Yossi Green and more. With Pesach almost upon us, the staff at JM365 decided that they would like to see who the FANS want to see in the upcoming addition of JM365 (to be released in the last week of August). Here is YOUR chance to possibly see your favorite JM star in the new edition of JM365 (which of course besides being awesome is also FREE). Below you will find a poll of people that impacted JM, be it in their time, or as they continue to do so today. If you do NOT see your artist there, there is a option to add your artist’s name and get people to vote for him. Let’s see who it will be. Feel free to share this post on your Facebok or twitter account, ensuring that EVERY JM fan will be able to vote. The voting will remain open till sometime in July.

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