Yitzchak Fuchs “Mi’mamakim” Behind The Scenes

March 06, 2012 2 min read

Yitzchak Fuchs is no stranger to the music scene. With four previous albums under his belt he has proved that he had what it takes to keep up with the JM scene. After releasing his last album Shirin V’rachshin four years ago, some of Yitzchak’s friends in America brought him to the US so people here could see what he is all about. It wasn’t long before he was performing at the annual HASC concert alongside Lipa Schmeltzer his hit song “Hallelu”. It was at that time that Yitzchak decided that it would benefit him to spend some more time in the US. Since then, he has been performing at venues, simchas and kumzitzim get togethers almost every night. It was then that Yitzchak started working on a new album. With four dynamic albums already under his belt and a huge following Baruch Hashem, Fuchs decided he wanted to go all out on this new album. His first few albums only featured three or four instruments (including his own guitar tracks). This one however, would be different. After choosing 12 tracks from his hundreds of compositions, Yitzchaks started to work. This was America however, and Fuchs wanted to make a big impact. He was told in order to do that, he needed to make a music video. Yitzchak had done a few music videos in the past in Israel, but now he was tasked with entertaining New York, the place that he has come to love. “People here are so friendly,” says Yitzchak. “They love my music and we have a great connection.” It was then that friend/fan Mendy Meisels came into the picture. Mendy contacted world renowned photographer/videographer Meir Haltovsky to shoot the video. Shot in just 48 short hours with extremely expensive equipment, they were joined by Chaim Lowy and some friends and fans of Yitzchak. They visited many locations in the Tri state area including; Battery Park City, South Street Seaport, Time Square NYC, Monsey, Bear Mountains State Park, Monroe, NY and New City, NY. The video was created for the title track of the album “Mimamakim” which we believe together with the visuals in the video will leave people astounded. Below we have a exclusive behind the scenes video of the making of Mi’mamakim. The album is available in stores and will be distributed by Nigun Music and available for download on their site TopJewish Music.com.
Make sure to follow Yitzchak on twitter www.Twitter.com/YitzchakFuchs and check out his website www.YitzchakFuchs.com

Photos by: Meir Haltovsky

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