Mendy Jacobson Releases Music Video

While so many aspiring singers proudly proclaim that they have music in their blood, for Mendy Jacobson, a talented young artist from Brooklyn, that statement is very likely true. Mendy’s family tree includes some very well known names in the Jewish music industry including Eli Gerstner, Srully Williger, Rivi and Eli Schwebel and composer Yitzy Waldner and with the release of his two track promotional album, Dance With It, Mendy hopes to firmly cement his place as an up and coming star in the Jewish music industry.

Mendy first began singing as a child of four, recording his performances on cassette tape and continued singing at Bar Mitzvahs, dinners and in yeshiva. After his Bar Mitzvah, Mendy focused on his learning for several years, but by the time he reached his late teens he realized that music was an integral part of his life. He began singing again, using his gifts to bring happiness to others: at simchos, boosting the spirits of the sick and forming a children’s choir that performed at the Montreal City Hall. With each performance, people have taken note of Mendy, who has appeared on the Soul II Soul stage, at a Lag B’Omer parade attended by 4,000 people and in the wildly popular Ya’alili video.

A strong believer in the power of song, Mendy’s focus is on the joy and happiness that music can bring, hoping to create music that will appeal to children, teenagers and adults alike. Mendy hopes to infuse new flavor into Jewish music, something that is fresh and today while still maintaining the beauty and integrity that defines Jewish music. Not only does Mendy breathe new life into every song he sings, he has several original compositions under his belt as well.

Dance With It, available as a free download at and at, contains two tracks, one a dance mix featuring updated
versions of four popular songs, the other an all new composition written by Mendy
in honor of his wedding. The album was recently distributed at the United Lubavitch
Yeshiva Chinese Auction held in January and so far has been very well received by
listeners, in addition to receiving airtime both on Nachum Segal’s popular radio program
as well as on Israel’s Radio Kol Chai. The upcoming Dance With It music video,
produced by Sparks Next Productions, will introduce even more Jewish music lovers to
Mendy’s unique musical style.

Mendy considers music to be his shlichus in life and he hopes that as his popularity
grows he will have the opportunity to share his music with an even larger audience.
Another single is already being planned as a follow up to Dance With It and Mendy
hopes to eventually release a full album in the future.

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