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RCCS Chinese Auction Split-the-Pot Mega Prize Exceeds $328,000!

RCCS Chinese Auction Split-the-Pot Mega Prize Exceeds $328,000!

Highest Auction Prize in History is Response to Record Number of Cancer Patients

BROOKLYN, NY – In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, with tens of thousands listening and watching via a multi-channeled simulcast, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) awarded their record-breaking Split-the-Pot jackpot of $328,028 to the Stern Family of Brooklyn, NY. In addition, more than 50 other fabulous prizes were awarded, direct from the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) headquarters, as the culmination of this year’s RCCS Miracles ‘11 Chinese auction campaign.

Because of the record number of insurance subsidy requests this year from cancer-stricken patients to RCCS, the results of this year’s RCCS Chinese Auction effort, MIRACLES THRU MUSIC 2011, were more important than ever. Although the auction has officially ended, RCCS executives stress that it is not too late to help the hundreds of patients they serve each year, and that donations can still be made thru their web site www.rccscancer.org or by calling 718.RCC.2002.

Yossi Zweig of the Z Report Live, together with Rabbi Yosef C. Golding, Mendy Pellin of Los Angeles and Yoli Lebowitz emceed the evening (photo). The musical aspect of the evening was led by Yisroel Lamm and the Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, accompanied by Shloime Daskal, Berry Weber, Yitzchak Fuchs, Eli Gerstner with YBC soloists, Michoel Pruzansky, and the Hamizamrim singers, led by Chilu Posen (photo). These stars in the world of Jewish music donated their unique talents to benefit the many hundreds of cancer patients annually being assisted by RCCS, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society.

The evening, originally slated for 3 hours lasted over 7 hours, as the phone and internet lines were jammed for hours as thousands of last-minute orders came in to the RCCS office. As a result of this campaign, hundreds of Chanukah Packages for RCCS families, all age and gender appropriate, were also donated and they will be delivered this week by RCCS volunteers.

Despite the entertainment and good time had by all, the seriousness of the evening was evident, as inspirational interviews were aired with several family members of RCCS patients, with Dr. Ben Corn, chief radiation oncologist at Ichalav Cancer Center in Tel Aviv, with RCCS board member, Elly Kleinman, President and CEO of the Americare companies and with Rabbi Moshe Klein, chairman of the RCCS Applications Committee, who recited Tehillim in behalf of the patients of RCCS.

In addition, Dr. Harvey Pass, Chief Thoracic Surgeon at NYU Cancer Center, in a testament to his high regard for RCCS’ life-saving work, answered questions in regard to lung diseases, and lauded the recent anti-smoking campaign collaboration between RCCS and NYU.

Since 1997, RCCS, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society, has been “Funding Miracles” by providing an array of services for cancer-stricken patients in need. Primary among these life-saving programs is the subsidizing of health insurance premiums, enabling these patients to obtain the best possible medical care.

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