HESHY GOLDSTEIN – Shomer Yisroel

In the late 70′s when listening to music required a record player (those big boxes in your living room) when Pirchei was one of the favorite Jewish boys choirs, when MBD and Avraham Fried was just beginning their music careers, Heshy was less then 2 years old and already then he was musically inclined, early on he had learned how to lift the needle on the record player to start the song again. At the age of 5 his family was already enjoying his Shabbos Zemiros, His parents predicted a future for him in Jewish music, well they couldn’t have been more right!
For the past 10 years or so, Heshy has been quite contributing his part to the Jewish music scenes. He frequently davned for the Omid especially on Yomim Tovim and occasionally held concerts on Chol Hamoed.
“Producing my own album was always a dream of mine” says, Heshy. “But for reason the project kept on getting delayed” Then last year while singing at an event he realized that bringing joy to klal Yisroel through music is where he belongs, “glancing at the smiling faces of these children”, he says, “I realize that their is no feeling like it in the world!”

What’s really interesting is that this album started first out as a project in completely different direction. “I grew up listening to Pirchae & Jep choirs. I realized that there are no choirs like that out there today. I decided that I was to start a project for Prichei to produce a new album for them”.
It was Si’yata Dishmay that he then met Rabbi Efraim Levi from Agudath Yisroel who sang in the original Pirchei choirs in the early ’70. When he shared his ideas with R’ Efraim, he was all enthusiastic. if fact he’d started such a project himself many years ago, and had a few never-before-released compositions. R’ Efraim told Heshy that if he ever did go ahead with this project he wanted him to have those songs.
Heshy quickly reallized though that producing a children’s album wasn’t going to be that easy of a task so He contacted R’ Efaim again and obtained his permission to use those very songs to produce an album of his own. which he referred him to his brother Ezi, the actual composer of these songs. “I love the beauty good old Jewish music” says Heshy. “The song from Ezi Levi are exactly the kind of music I grew up on”.
He was then fortunate enough to meet Tzali Stern owner of Sterns PT who shared a song with him that he had written. “After that I had 3 songs, my dream of producing an album was actually becoming a reality!”
4 songs were actually composed in the ’60 by a French man Mr. Macais. Heshy remembers growing up with these songs. Being that his mother is French she always played his albums. The original lyrics were in French, however the tunes were familiar to him. He contacted Mr. Macais who immediately gave his approval. He was proud to have the songs brought back to its original roots of Hebrew lyrics, and was happy his music was being reborn.
Then a wonderful thing happened. “my very talented younger brother, Chaim Dovid discovered his previously unknown ability to write songs. He produced fast & lively Hinei Keil Yeshuosy which is my personal favorite on this album.”its bound to become the next hit at every wedding and Simcha B’ezrath Hashem”.
Just as he tough that this album was completed Heshy received a call out of nowhere. (he says he still trying to figure out the connection was made although he knows it was maneuvered by the one above”) Moshe Davidowitz had heard about his album and had a song to share! The song Lech Dodi fit right in the rest of the album.
This album has a bit of the oldies with a new twist, it has some Chasidish and some rock, its a blend of everything brought about a sound quality of today but still stays true to the original style music we grew up on.
Looking back at the producing of “Shomer Yisroel” Heshy is amazed the Si’yata Dishmaya he had in producing this album. “Once I started working on the album it went really fast I was surprised at how quick it took” says Heshy “I really felt Hashem’s hand guiding me all along the way. I know that this is exactly what I should be doing… Bringing joy to Klal Yisroel through music. For more please visit and enjoy the audio sampler below. The album will be available through Nigun music and on

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