There’s calendars for lovers of everything from Autos to Zebras…everything that is except Jewish Music. Think about it, why can’t Jewish Music fans have a calendar with 12 months of top stars to enjoy? Well as we couldn’t think of a reason either, we decided to do something about it. So please join us in welcoming (and enjoying) JM/365 the calendar created especially for lovers of Jewish music…and those who love seeing them smile. Its 12 months of everybody’s favorite stars just a click and download away–then ready for printing and displaying on your wall, desk or as a screen saver!

This month we feature Gershon Veroba –whether you know him from Judea, Journeys, Miami Live, Dance With Neginah, Variations, Impressions, Turn it Around or his many other solo and “special guest star” projects…you know that Gershon is one performer whose talent and versatility makes it impossible to pigeonhole him because he’s truly one of a kind in way more many ways than one…so enjoy this months Verobaography and while Gershon is definitely a tough act to follow, next month’s superstar does make it happen.

Click HERE to download both a hi-res .jpeg and .pdf of June.

Click HERE to download January, HERE for February, HERE for March, HERE for April, HERE for May and HERE for June.

Feel free to pass this along to friends and family.

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