Lioz Oved – Haleluya BeDance

Lioz Oved, a 29 year old from Elad began his musical career at the age of twelve. He joined a Yemenite band “Mateh Asher”, where he appeared before an audience of hundreds of people in “achziv” amphitheater, along with bands from all over the world.

Following kiruv rechokim among the people, the music industry woke up and discovered Lioz’s musical spark which he had carried from his youth and then the songs came one after the other. – this, more than four years after Lioz appears with his band throughout the country. His repertoire combines Mizrachi and Chasidic music as well as many styles that are expressed in the unique and exciting voice of Lioz.

Following popular demand, Lioz came to the studio to bring to the public a bit of the feel and sound of the various events, using material for new music and original creations of Lioz. He and his good friends in the music world, worked on the debut album. Some include: Yaniv Blass, Eric Cohen, Arie Berkowitz, singer Erez Cohen and more.

Two years ago, he released his debut single “Elokim SheBashamayim”, from then and until now he was working on his full album and it is ready to go after Tisha B’Av. Now hear his second single ‘Hallelukah’, written and composed in conjunction with auxiliary Tzdyakia, who is also responsible for the musical production together with Yaniv Waltz.

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