Moshe Laufer, Mendy Jerufi & Shmulik Listvand with Yossi Eisenthal on Radio Kol Chai

Yossi Eisenthal had a real celebration on his program on Radio Kol Chai this past motzei shabbos. He was joined in studio by Moshe Laufer, Mendy Jerufi and Shmulik Listvand to celebrate their new album “CHABAD with Moshe Laufer”, and they entertained throughtout the night. Eisenthal the hospitable musical veteran, led the program with a special in depth interview. The evening both began and ended with dancing in the crowded studio. The producer Levi Tubul ( called for France to discuss this amazing album/production. Enjoy the video below and photos.
Photos by: Mendy Hechtman

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