Nachum Segal & Yossi Green Celebrate the Debut of Shades of Green 2: HIPSH!


Nachum welcomed legendary composer Yossi Green to JM in the AM this morning to celebrate the debut of his latest CD Shades of Green 2: HIPSH. Yossi Green has been hard at work over the last 3 years on Shades of Green: HIPSH, the next gem in the YG collection. The CD features 26 songs in 13 twin-song jaw dropping tracks. Yossi covers a wide array of musical styles including: Shades of Dance, Shades of Motown, Shades of Broadway, Shades of yiddish, even a shades of Acapella. There is something for everyone as you hear the master composer sing them the way they were meant to be heard. Nachum and Yossi played several of the new tracks and took calls from the listeners who wanted to join the fun. They had a great conversation about music and changing attitudes toward music in the Jewish world. Click HERE to listen or use the player below.

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