Ido Kepten – Mi Kamoni Yeled [Official Music Video]

December 21, 2016 1 min read

Ido Kepten is only 11, and is already releasing his debut single called Mi Kamoni Yeled. He started singing just at his Shabbos table, and since then he has gone on to perform at Chuppahs and Bar Mitzvah. Despite his young age, he is also a talented writer and composer as well.

Ido comes from a musical family. His father is Nir Kepten, and his uncles are Moshe and Gil Keften. He studies at Talmud Torah Yeshuot Yaakov and in the afternoons he learns piano and vocal training. He is now working on his debut album, from which single comes. Lital Salemwrote the lyrics and his father Nir composed them. Reuven Chiyun arranged and produced the song. They also released a music video which features Keften and his brother and sister going about their day.

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