Sruli Broncher ft. Nerya Angel – Orot Vetikunim | Official Music Video | Rabbi Nachman 2017

August 31, 2017 1 min read

Whoever had the chance last year to go to Uman definitely did not miss hearing the song Kor’Im L’Rabbeinu from Sruli Broncher and Nerya Angel, which played in every corner and from every speaker there. This year as well the two of them are continuing their work of spreading Simcha and are releasing the hit single Orot Vetikunim. The song has a special video, in which Neriah and his friends are exploring in Savannahs, Chassidus and lots of volume, raising Tel Aviv to its feet. The drivers and pedestrians that pass them by are unable to take their eyes off of the spectacle, joining the dancing Chassidim in anticipation of the upcoming Yomim Noraim.

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